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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.22: Plavi Raj Part 1

Pat came to pick up Meadow as we had arranged, so Jake and I took off for our travels. The surprise was a three day weekend in Plavi Raj! I thought it was the most beautiful Sim country on earth! It was on the coast, the weather was gorgeous, the architecture was that old world style that I loved, and the whole place was just altogether magical.
The old historical town center was a quaint, romantic place with beautiful architecture that was surrounded by the sea.
We stayed at a little place in the town center that was just for travelers. It was a lovely little washed rose colored building close to everything in the town center.
The place was small, and our room was even smaller, but it had a lovely view of the ocean on the balcony. I thought it looked just like a watercolor painting!
On our first morning there, we did some sightseeing. Jake drove us a short distance out of the town's old gated center into the countryside to visit the famous Plavi Raj Nectary, where we picked up some world famous Plavi Raj nectar.
There were stunning views everywhere!
After visiting the nectary, we went back to the city center to tour the old church and other historical buildings there.
When we finished a few tours, we were both a little tired so we decided to visit a little pub close by and relax and have a drink.
It had been a fun day in a glorious place. Jake and I sat quietly in the late afternoon sun, taking in the beautiful buildings and lovely ocean breeze. In fact, Jake was so quiet I was beginning to worry about something being wrong.
Note: Plavi Raj is a custom world by Nilxis and is available here (all his worlds are fabulous!):

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