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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1:21 - Words Can't Kiss

Leisure Day came and I threw a Pool Party. I even invited both Pat and Julia, as well as other co-workers and friends; and Jake was there too, of course. Unfortunately my co-worker Jameel got a little carried away by skinny dipping in the hot tub, which caused a mild uproar among my party guests, and I had to get firm with the sim I hired to tend bar to get her to actually work instead of lounging around. But everyone still said they had a good time so my party was a success!
One day shortly after Leisure Day, I decided to write Jake a love letter so I sat down to compose something romantic.
A few days later, I recieved a letter from Jake. It said; "Words are sweet, but words can't kiss. Get over here and let's discuss our feelings...."  Yowza!
Since I had already left Meadow with a babysitter all day while I'd been at work, I invited Jake over for dinner instead. Of course I made his favorite meal - cheesesteak!
Jake spent the night again. The words, the kisses - and everything else - was indeed very sweet.
The next evening Jake called me and said; "Hi, Babe. I have a surprise for you. Do you think you could find a sitter for Meadow so we could get away for a three day weekend?".
"Oh gosh, that sounds fabulous! I think I need a vacation and I'd love to go with you! But that's a long time to leave Meadow with a sitter", I worried.
Jake said, I think she's be fine as long as you have a sitter you trust. Or maybe you can get Pat to look after her while we're gone?"
"That's a great idea! He's coming over to see Meadow in a few hours so I'll ask him. If he can't do it, I'll see about hiring a live-in Nanny. I'll let you know as soon as I can!", I answered.
When Pat came to visit, I asked him if he'd be willing to watch Meadow while I was gone. "I need to be out of town for a few days and was wondering if she could stay with you while I was gone so I don't have to leave her with a sitter.", I said. I couldn't quite bring myself to tell him I was leaving for a romantic get-away!
"Sure!", he answered. He seemed very pleased about the idea. "I've been wanting to have her over to the house."
"Oh, and did I tell you that I've recently taken up fishing? Maybe I could take her fishing with me!"; Pat enthused.
I smiled. This was so endearing, Pat being Pat - the typical athlete and sportsman! "She's a little young for that, Pat", I replied. "But in a few years, I'm sure she would love to go fishing with you."
"Yeah, you're right", he said a little sheepishly, I got carried away there for a moment."
"If caring for her will spoil a fishing trip you have planned, I can see if I can find someone else to look after her", I said.
"No, no, I can go fishing any time. She can stay with me and Julia, no problem".
So that was that, I thought excitedly! I called Jake right away to accept his invitation to go on a that trip with him.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.20: Friends and Lovers

Things finally began to settle into something of a routine. Pat would come to visit at least several times a week; I was so glad that he wanted to spend time with Meadow. We were a little awkward with each other - so polite and so careful not to say anything too personal or touch each other in any way. I really hoped that this was going to get less painful as time went on, but sometimes I wasn't sure.
But Pat was a good person, I had known that about him from the start and it was one of the things that I loved about him. So I wasn't really surprised that he visited Meadow regularly and made sure we had anything we needed.
It wasn't always easy; I still loved him and I knew he loved me. But I just couldn't continue on the way things had been going, and I was very grateful that Pat respected my wishes and didn't try to romance me. Because the truth was that I wasn't all that confident about how strong I would be if he did.
Things were advancing nicely in my career as well. I had landed an important role in a television drama where I got to play a scientist. "Gosh, do I ever love this job!", I thought as I rushed to work each day, eager to play this part.
But it's wasn't always convenient, this star thing. My privacy was often interrupted whether I was out doing something with a friend, on a date with Jake, or just stopping by the convenience store.
Speaking of Jake, things were going wonderfully and we continued to see each other. I felt I was falling more and more in love with him everyday. "My oh my, I do seem to fall for dark-haired men with green eyes", I sighed to myself romantically. "I think he and I would make pretty babies."
One day when Jake and I were on a date together, he took me by surprise when he took my hands, looked at me with a serious expression and asked; "Laura, I know that you and Pat were lovers and that Meadow is his daughter. But I need to know, are you still seeing him?"
I smiled and touched his cheek. This conversation was probably overdue, so I figured I might as well get things out in the open and hope beyond hope that he'd be OK with it. "If you mean are we romantically involved now, the answer is no. But...Pat and I will always be very close and he'll be a big part of my and Meadow's life. We want to raise her together." I looked at Jake and took a
deep breath. "I hope that's something that you can accept and live with because...Jake, I love you."
To my great relief, he smiled the most radiant smile. Then he said, "And I love you", and he kissed me. I hadn't felt this happy in a long time.