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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.15: Love Day

On Love Day, although it hurt, Pat had said nothing about being with me so I knew he must have plans to be with Julia. He hadn't said so, he just said he was going to be busy that day and couldn't spend time with us, but I figured that Julia had to be the reason. So I asked Jake to go with me to the Santa Monica Pier for the Love Festival.
We had such a great time, though, that I honestly didn't think of Pat much at all.
Of course we had to ride on the roller coaster before we left. I thought it was exhilarating! And what a view from the top!
To my amusement, Jake became a little ill but he didn't think it was quite as funny as I did. After I teased him at bit, he said; "Yeah, very funny, Laura". But he was smiling at me the whole time. 

 After exploring the festival some more we went back to the house. Jake was definitely feeling better. He gave me a look that melted my insides.
Then he kissed me passionately. It was definitely a day for love.
The next evening after putting Meadow to bed for the night I went downstairs to straighten up the house, which gave me some time to think. One of the things I realized was that it was becoming more and more difficult to imagine my life without Jake in it. And yet I knew that if I wanted any kind of future with him, I was going to have to confront Pat about our relationship and make some decisions. If he was never going to commit to being with Meadow and I then I needed to think about letting him go. Gosh, it hurt so much to think of that, though! What a mess my life had become!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.14: Meadow's Birthday

Meadow's birthday was finally upon us and Pat and I planned a small birthday party for her. We spoke often that week, making the arrangements for it.
We invited a few friends and all our co-workers - except Julia, of course. I felt a little guilty about that. I actually liked Julia, and we had sort of become friends at work, but I doubt she'd want to come anyway, and even if she did I knew I just couldn't deal with having her and Pat together in this house. Especially not on Meadow's birthday!
On the day of the party, everyone started arriving about the same time and Pat took a picture of everyone in the family room. My friend Jeck was there, he's on the left; next to him is me and Gracie Anciotti. The blond lady in the back is Pat and I's co-worker Denver Goldman, then it's Lady LaLa (I was thrilled that a star like her accepted my invitation!), and on the far right was our boss Matthew Hamming.
'Er, is Matthew thinking what I think he's thinking?', I thought to herself as I watched him flirt with Denver. A little while later I discovered that yes, indeed he was. Apparently he and Denver were having an affair. Matthew was a real ladies man and changed who he was dating on a frequent basis. I shook my head. 'I bet his girlfriend won't be his girlfriend for much longer', I thought. Later, I found out that I was correct.
Our co-worker Jameel also came, and Jake was there too; he played a little bass for everyone, but he wasn't able to stay long. I thought that was probably for the best. It was a little uncomfortable for me to have both him and Pat here at the same time. Yikes! Talk about awkward!
By time we served the cake, almost everyone had left the party too. So Pat and I served the cake to our little Meadow. Where had the time gone?! Our little girl was growing up.
Watching Pat and Meadow together just about made my heart burst. 'What a lucky little girl Meadow was, to get her father's beautiful green eyes, I sighed happily. I love them both so much!
After Meadow's birthday my busy life continued. Meadow was a happy baby so that made my life a lot easier. Caring for her was a joy. I was also becoming quite popular as an actress and was famous around town, often getting stopped with requests for pictures or autographs. It could get a bit disruptive but I didn't really mind too much; it was all part of the job, as far as I was concerned.
Pat continued to come over several times a week to be with Meadow and I, but I longed for us to be a real family and to be together all the time.
When Pat couldn't arrange to be with us, I continued to date Jake whenever he called. I also had him over for dinner at least once a week, and sometimes he would play his dreamy music for me. He was an excellent musician and just a really wonderful man.
He was great with Meadow and I could tell he really loved kids. And he was always doing sweet, thoughtful things for me, like helping around the house or bringing me flowers. He was a romantic soul after my own heart.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.13: Multi-Tasking

Pat was still coming over to be with me and Meadow whenever he could. I felt a little guilty about seeing Jake as well, athough it made me a little angry to feel this way. After all, Pat went back to Julia time and again instead of choosing to stay with me and Meadow. I couldn't help but wonder whether or not his marriage was still just a publicity stunt.
I had the sneaking suspicion and nagging fear that this was no longer the case, but didn't have the nerve to come out and ask him. I guess deep down I really didn't want to know.
One day I threw a casual little get together at the house and had some people over. My neighbor Jeck Runningwave had become friends so he was there too, and when he got there we spent some time catching up with each other.
I was pretty sure that Pat must not like Jeck. I didn't think it was my imagination that he was watching us like a hawk. Or maybe he just didn't like Jeck paying attention to me? Could he be jealous, I wondered?
I decided then and there that I wasn't going to tell Pat about Jake, at least not any time soon. I was afraid he would never want to see me or Meadow again if I did.
Pat continued to come over to see us, but it wasn't as often as it used to be; sometimes he stayed for dinner from time to time. I practiced my cooking skills on him and luckily for me, he didn't seem to mind at all.
Occasionally we would meet each other in small, out-of-the-way places like the Squeaky Wheel just to spend some time together.
But I also continued to see Jake. He was a wonderful person and I had to admit that I enjoyed being with him. I was falling for him, hard.
One evening after a fun date together, I invited him over to the house. One thing led to another, and he ended up spending the night.
I knew I should probably feel bad about it but the truth was I wasn't sorry at all. It was a wonderful night, Jake was wonderful, and I was absolutely crazy about him. But I also couldn't help but realize that my life was just getting way too confusing and complicated! Something was going to have to change soon. I just truly didn't know what the solution was yet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.12: Something Extraordinary

Several weeks went by; Pat had come to visit on a few occasions and gave us regular support payments to help with Meadow's care, but we'd had very little time to spend alone. I was feeling a bit depressed, and decided to concentrate on Meadow and my career for the time being. Even though it meant leaving Meadow with sitters more often, I took every fame opportunity that came my way.

And then One day, something unexpected and extraordinary happened. I was at the DanceCube, gaining fame and star levels, when I met an incredibly attractive man. We were mutually attracted to each other instantly. We had a lot in common and shared many similar traits; he was a charismatic, hopeless romantic with star power, just like I was. I learned that his name was Jake Russell.

I discovered that he was single and working in the business career. His true love was music, though; he played the bass and used to be in a boy band several years ago, but what he really wanted was to master the guitar. I told him that I would love to hear him play some time. We spent the rest of that evening talking and dancing and getting to know one another.

All the way home, I was feeling more than a little stunned and confused about whether I should go out with him again. I had always been faithful to Pat, but I had no idea if he'd been faithful to me and if I were honest with myself I'd have to admit how unlikely that was. By the time I got home, I finally decided that whatever happened, I knew I was definitely going to see Jake again.

I couldn't wait more than a few days. After I got off work, I invited Jake to join me at the DanceCube again for dinner. We continued to get to know each other.

A few days after that, Jake invited me to his house to play some shuffleboard. I felt his house had a wonderful view of the mountains. Not to mention a wonderful view of a man.

The following week, Jake called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Cobra Room with him so we met each other there.

For the very first time, I was beginning to understand Pat a little better. I was pretty certain he loved me, but it seemed as if he might love Julia too, and I was finding out that it really was possible to be in love with two people at the same time.

I wasn't sure what the future would hold, but right now I knew that I wanted to be with both of them.