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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.23: Plavi Raj Part 2

"Something wrong? No, of course not", replied Jake with a smile when I asked. But I thought he wasn't quite acting like his usual self.
The sun was beginning to go down; Jake asked me if I'd like to take a walk with him on the promenade, where we could watch the beautiful sunset over the ocean. I thought it sounded like a great idea so we took the short walk over to the ocean front promenade, which was right behind our hotel.
As we slowly walked along, we watched the sky turn gold and touch everything around us in color. It was beautiful! Suddenly Jake stopped and turned to look at me. "I love you, Laura. Your lovely eyes are as blue as the ocean and I want to drown in them."
"And I love you, Jake.", I said, touched.
The paparazzi who had been following us taking pictures finally walked off, and suddenly Jake said with a quirky smile; "Wait! I want to do this the proper way". 'What is this?', I thought, slightly alarmed. I wasn't at all sure what he was talking about.
Jake got down on one knee, and presented a small box to me; inside was a flawless diamond solitaire ring. "Laura as far as I'm concerned, the sun rises and sets with you. You have the power to make me the happiest sim on earth...will you marry me?"
"Oh. My. Goodness! Yes, yes, yes!!! I will marry you!" I excitedly cried. Suddenly I realized why Jake had been so quiet. 'Did he really think I would turn him down?' I thought in amazement.
I was laughing and crying at the same time. "I love you, I love you, I love you!", I said as I showered him with kisses.
"You are the sun, moon and stars to me, my love", said Jake romantically. "And you are my love, my life, my everything", I replied with a heartfelt sigh. We kissed and gazed into each other's eyes, thinking about our future with happiness.
 Then to celebrate our engagement, and because that pesky paparazzi was back, Jake asked if I wanted to go dancing at one of the clubs so off we went.
We both loved to dance and we were quite the notable couple out on the dance floor, even if I do say so myself. We made sure to put on a show for that annoying paparazzi who apparently followed us here.

But we were so happy and so in love that we were quite successful at ignoring him; we mostly just had eyes for each other.
After dancing and a delicious meal, we headed back to the hotel for travelers. Jake took me by surprise by sweeping off my feet to give me a searing kiss before heading inside to our room. He was such a romantic! And we were both so deliriously happy! I wished that we could bottle the happiness we felt and share it with the world. It was a perfect, romantic day that I'm sure neither of us would ever forget!

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