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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

House Hunters New Orleans

As I mentiond previously, I created this blog so that I could showcase some TS3 in-game screenshots for a contest on the Gifting forum on the official The Sims 3 web site. Here is my entry for my sim couple, Pamela and Eric, who are hunting a second home in  NOLA.

The way that Pamela and Eric remember it, as High Schoolers they first met at the Summer festival in Riverview. They hit it off right away and before long became BF and GF.

As their high school years went on, they often shared their dreams for the future.

After graduating, Eric asked Mr. LeBlanc if he could have his daughter's hand in marriage and they were both so excited when he gave his approval! It made both of them very happy to know they had their parents' support. So he popped the question and before long, he and Pamela moved in to a tiny one bedroom home in Riverview, a small town about 2 hours away from New Orleans.

It wasn't long before they planned a wedding. They sold their car in order to afford it, but they had no regrets - it was beautiful, filled with memories to last a lifetime, and everyone had a great time.

Then came years of struggle in their tiny home, especially after Nicholas came along, but it was decorated with Eric's photos and Pamela's paintings and most of all with love...

They held a family party for Nicholas' first birthday. Oh dear, someone left their deep fried burrito on the ground. :(

Family members who attended are shown below - from left to right they are: Lance and Laura LeBlanc, Pamela's parents; Julia Townsend, Eric's sister (who at the time of this photo is engaged to Duane Kapello, third son of Kurt and Jennifer Kapello); Bettina Townsend, Eric's mother; Larissa (LeBlanc) Ivanov and with his back to the camera is her husband Dimitri (son of Nadine and Yuri Ivanov); there's Eric near the table, who is apparently jumping up and down at the thought of cake; Eric's father David Townsend who is in the Law Enforcement career; and there's Pamela by the bar, who seems to really need a drink.

Not long after Nicolas' birthday, Pamela and Eric discovered they were expecting again. They were happy, but worried. Eric kept working very hard to support the family with his photography business but the jobs that paid the best required travel away from home time to time. What a shock it was to find out that one baby was actually two! Eric was very glad that he was home when Pamela gave birth to the twins, Sean and Kaitlyn.

As the children grew, so did Pamela and Eric's reputations and success in their careers, Pamela as a talented painter and Eric as an expert photographer. Even with busy successful careers, they always did their best to spend quality time with the children.

They also made sure to invite family members over regularly so that they would all remain close. Here are some photographs that Eric took of the relatives. (wink)

Eric's Dad David Townsend and his sister Julia:

And his in-laws, Lance and Laura LeBlanc.

And here is a shot of Nicholas, Pamela, and Pamela's sister Larissa.

Shortly before Nicholas' teen birthday, they had been able to afford a new house with enough bedrooms for all 3 of the children.

Nicolas' teen birthday party was a smashing success. Everyone had a good time. Here is Nicholas chatting with Uncle Duane Kapello (husband of Julia, Eric's sister).

Some people may have had TOO good a time. Pamela's sister Larissa was seen dancing on the kitchen counters after having a bit too much juice at the juice bar. It's a good thing their prim and proper mother didn't see this!

Finally the guests all went home. Nicolas got a guitar for his birthday and it wasn't long before he was pretty good at playing. Perhaps a career in music was in his future!

Here is another pic of family taken at the party: Eric's sister Julia with her husband Duane Kapello.

And here is a photograph of Eric, Nicholas (who refused to turn around and face the camera), and Kaitlyn that was taken by Pamela (wink, wink).

The next weekend Nicholas threw a teen party when his parents left for a business trip in New Orleans. Unfortunately, his friends thought his party was lame. (Kind of like this story, heh heh.) Oddly enough, it was his sister Kaitlyn that got in trouble for leaving the house in a mess, and she's the neatest sim in the family! Nurturing Pamela forgave her since she got busy doing the family laundry.

Time seemed to fly. Eric and Pamela found themselves getting more and more work in the big city of New Orleans. Days were busy with work and family. Here's Pamela with Nicolas and Kaitlyn, and Eric watching television with Sean.

Eric and Pamela threw another family birthday party when Nicholas aged up to young adult.

After the twins graduated high school, they began talking about moving to New Orleans but decided to keep their home here since the children planned to stay and all their other family members were here.

So instead, they decided to purchase a second home there. After many years of hard work and sacrifice, both of them were highly sucessful, with grown children who were happy and healthy, so they felt this was a good choice for them and the family. They are both still very much in love and looking to take their careers to the next level in order to meet Eric's lifetime wish to have his own gallery. So New Orleans, here we come!

The Official EA Forum

I spend some time hanging out at the official EA forum; my User Name there is HappySimmer3. There are some nice people there even if you do have to overlook the occasional trolls and adolescent bullies. ;)  My favorite forum there is the CAW forum where simmers show their world WIP's made with the Create a World tool. I maintain a thread there called World Explorers - just a group of people who love exploring various worlds, both fan-made as well as EA made.  Maybe some day when I have more free time I will try making a world of my own!

There's also a gift-giving forum on Some very nice, kind-hearted people hang out here who get joy from gifting other simmers items they want. They often run contests. The first one I entered was for a 10x10 residential lot. I'd never tried building a house on a lot that small before so I decided to do it for the challenge.

Last month I discovered a contest based around the House Hunters series from Home & Garden Network (HGTV) on cable. (I love this show!) The first challenge was to build a house in Naples Italy; at the time I was busy building for and playing Monte Vista. This meant I spent time researching Italy in general and Tuscany in particular. I created some Showtime lots and a Local Watering Hole that I had the best time building! Shortly after finishing this lot, I found the House Hunters: Naples, Italy thread.

Although I discovered the thread too late to enter the contest, I ended up creating a house based on one of the inspiration photographs that was posted there. I uploaded the house to my Studio on the EA forum; here is a picture of the front exterior:

So this month there was another contest hosted by seascape along with some very friendly and kind and helpful co-sponsors. This one is called House Hunters: The French Quarter. Actually, the house can be in the Garden District, Warehouse District, or anywhere in the vicinity of the French Quarter in New Orleans. These contests are in two parts; you can create the sims who are seeking the house based on the description provided as well as create a house they might consider purchasing, or just do one or the other. I decided to try doing both, just because the whole contest became an inspiration for playing the game!

I've had a lot of fun researching the architecture of NOLA as well as the various sites to see there. Maybe one day I'll get to visit! I also had fun playing my couple. This was the first time where I played the game making an effort to invite the family members over regularly for birthday parties and seasonal holidays. It was very entertaining. :-)

First I'll be posting a backstory about the couple I made, then I will be uploading the house I created for this contest. This contest is really the reason I decided to do this blog. I started my couple as teens and have a ton of pics to share about their life and family.

Hi. Just another Sim fan here with too much time on my hands.

This is my first attempt to create a blog. I plan to use it for houses and lots that I create for the Sims 3 computer game, but may also post a story or two on occasion.

I consider myself to be a beginner/intermediate builder when it comes to TS3, but it's fun to try to figure out how to make things look as close as possible to the look I'm trying to achieve. So far my favorite thing is to try to recreate houses from floor plans but I've also made up a few as I went along.