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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.9: The Holmby Hills House

Pat and I used every opportunity to be together, but he insisted on being discreet. Sometimes he went with me when I had fame opportunities in the clubs, and sometimes we would just meet up for a few stolen moments where ever we could.

On those rare occasions when Pat was able to spend the night, I was thrilled. But now and then I got a little concerned though, because he slept really restlessly and sometimes had dreams that seemed to upset him.

But the mornings after he spent the night were so special to me. He's a wonderful father to Meadow and I can tell that he loves her very much. It makes my insides turn to mush every time I see it; at the same time, I was sad that Pat wasn't with us every night and every morning.

One day when Pat was at the house, he followed me up to the nursery when it was time for Meadow's bottle. We chatted while I fed her, then he said; "You know", said Pat, "Meadow's birthday is coming up. Why don't you let me hire a decorator to re-do her room? It could use a little more color".

"Hmmmm, I do see what you mean", I replied. "That would be a lovely birthday gift for her".

I sat down to rock Meadow until she fell asleep while Pat stood nearby and watched us. Gosh, Meadow's birthday was coming up soon. Had it really been that long that Pat and I had been together? But more importantly, was he ever going to leave his wife to be with us permanently? It was really difficult to admit it, but I was beginning to have grave doubts about that.

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