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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.8: Generous Gifts

Pat finally tracked down a house that he felt was suitable. It was a nice four bedroom house with a pool in the Holmby Hills neighborhood.

The famous musician Jeck Runningwave lived directly across the street, so it was a very classy area. I had previously run into Jeck one day at the bookstore and we struck up a conversation. I liked him, and we seemed to have a lot in common, with him having both Star Quality and Charisma. I hope that we would run into each other again and become friends and with him living across the street, maybe that would happen. I felt that I could use all the friends that I could get in this town.

Pat came over a few days after we settled in to see how I liked the new house. He came by right after a studio promotional event so he was all dressed up in his tux.

I thought he looked incredibly handsome. "I love the new house, Pat. It's perfect! You are a very generous man", I said.

"VERY generous", I whispered into his mouth before kissing him.

He was very generous with gifts for Meadow, too, and bought her a cute little swing. She loved it, and he said he's do anything to make his little girl happy!

Pat loved cars, to the point where he had a couple of sports cars he loved to drive even though they made him feel guilty for wasting so much fuel because he was eco-friendly. But he told me he still couldn't give them up! One day he surprised me by having a gorgeous car delivered to the house. He insisted I keep it and said he did it because he enjoyed car shopping, and because he wanted me to have a reliable and safe car to drive our daughter around town. Meadow would not be riding around in cabs, he said; he put his foot down about that. I loved the new car and of course I also wanted Meadow to be safe, so I swallowed my pride and told him I was very grateful. Even though I felt he had spent too much money for it!

Meadow and I settled into our new home quickly, and before you know it, several months had gone by. I loved the place; it was so much better than my tiny apartment and I felt that it would be a great home for Meadow to grow up in.

Pat came over whenever he could to spend time with us and to make sure everything was OK. He still lived at Julia's. I was afraid to ask any more questions and just hoped that one day he would talk to me, or better yet tell me he was going to move in here with us.

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