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Monday, November 2, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.4 - Return Home

It seemed like a dream time to me, there on a luscious tropical island with one of the most wonderful men I had ever met. But one day, way too soon it seemed, the location filming was finished and we found themselves standing in a parking lot back in Angel City. We gave each other a poignant look.

"Let me escort you home", murmered Pat. We called a cab since we didn't want to call too much attention to ourselves. Pat was still a married man, after all.

When we arrived in front of my apartment, I turned to Pat and said; "Thanks for everything you taught me about the craft of acting, Pat. I will never forget it. I will never forget you!". Gosh this was awkward and painful, I thought.

Pat replied by grabbing my hands and saying, "Laura, I...I want...I can't...

"Heaven help me, but I can't let you go!" I felt my insides melt like a warm day in Winter. If I had wings, I knew I would take off flying! I also know I probably shouldn't feel this way, under the circumstances, but I couldn't seem to help it!

That week we spoke on the phone nearly every day, and Pat often came over to visit and share a meal. It might have been a meager little apartment, but to me it was heaven on earth at times like this.

We had to do some publicity for the studio which I thought was wonderful, because it was another opportunity to see each other. We always had to be discreet of course, since there were always fans or paparazzi around to provide the publicity the studio was looking for and neither of us wanted to create a scandal. I didn't like feeling that we had to sneak around but he had said nothing about leaving Julia and I certainly didn't want to look like a home wrecker.

But sometimes even the secrecy didn't bother me. I was willing to take whatever time I could get to be with Pat.

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