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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.3 - Interlude

For the next week or so, Pat and I continued to spend time together during breaks and after filming. He was kind, helpful, and friendly but he didn't try to kiss me again. If I were honest with myself I'd admit that I was disappointed. He must either think I'm some kind of skittish colt that will run away, or he's changed his mind about being anything other than friends. Under the circumstances maybe that's not such a bad thing, I told myself.

We were a little over half way through filming on location, when the weather took a turn and it poured rain all afternoon, which put things at a standstill job-wise.

That evening, Pat asked me to join him for dinner. We couldn't keep our eyes off of each other.

'Oh my goodness', I thought to myself. 'I am falling for this wonderful man, which is the exact opposite of what I intended to do when getting into this business!'

After we ate, he stopped outside the door to the Bistro and said; "Have I told you lately how beautiful you are inside and out?". "Have I mentioned that I feel the same way?", I said to him, smiling.

Then finally, hallelujah! He kissed me again. And again.

He turned and led me silently by the hand up to his room at the resort. I went willingly. We took our time, getting to know one another in yet another way. It felt a little like jumping off a cliff without a parachute, but I couldn't seem to help myself; I am a Hopeless Romantic, after all. And I knew without a doubt that I loved this man.

We spent the night wrapped in each other's arms.

We were both so happy, and continued to see each other every day while filming on the island - although we did do our best to be discreet. The Paparazzi were everywhere!

One day we went out to the little island on a row boat, where Pat enjoyed some fishing. He tried his best to get me to try it but I just laughed and told him I'd watch him instead. Then the paparazzi showed up and chatted endlessly to us about all the great fishing spots on the island, all while taking notes and pictures. Then to make matters worse, it started to rain!

Pat rowed us back to the main island in the rain. I'm pretty sure that we barely noticed that we were getting wet. We only had eyes for each other.

We hurried back to his room to get out of our wet clothes and spent the rest of the night there, together.

As filming on the island came closer to wrapping up, I swear it seemed like there were more and more paparazzi around. The one good thing I could say is that at least they were creating a buzz about the film, and publicity was always a good thing in the movie world. Of course we were all hoping that the movie would be a huge success when it finally came out.

On the last evening we were there, Pat and I watched the sunset on the pier and talked about how beautiful the island was. I hoped and prayed that this was going to be the beginning of our relationship and not just an interlude. But I knew I couldn't count on it, I thought soberly. Pat had said nothing about our future.

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