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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

About that Sims 3 Story...

It's finally coming. Soon. Just polishing up Chapter One. Sorry it took me so long!

It's set in a custom world called Angel City by Coasterboi. The world can be found on the Exchange  here. It's a nice world, much smaller than his previous versions of Los Aniegos, but it runs much better. Although I did have to turn off all the horses and wild animals using Twallan's Register mod. But that completely got rid of the little lag I was getting when I first started to play. It's a pity, but those darn wild horses just won't stay out of the downtown areas of the world.

I plan to play this as a legacy, although I'll also probably play rotationally with the second gen - providing I can get over my fear of rotating households in TS3. LOL I use just about all of the NRASS mods so I know it should be possible to do it without worry, but I guess we'll see.

How this story came about:

One day I was playing around with the THE RANDOM LEGACY CHALLENGE:

This was my roll for Gen 1:
Marital Status: Single Parent
Number of Children: 2 Children
Primary Career: Movies (Film)
Generational Goal: Perfectionist

So I started off this game with these goals in mind, but it didn't take long for me to deviate from the challenge. I really don't play challenges because I'm so bad at following the rules! It's more fun for me to just see where the story goes and run with it. I'm not sure yet whether I'll use the random legacy rolls for future generations or not. I might, just to get ideas for new ways to play and new careers that I might have never have tried before - or at least those where my sims have never reached the top before. I don't follow the money restrictions at all - if my sim needs money to carry out a story idea I'm fine with getting them some more money. Having at least some logic in the gameplay is important to me, and it didn't make sense for a celebrity sim in the film career to be so poor so I cheated her up some money when I needed to. I also don't tend to play on the shortest age lengths because time just goes by too quickly in this game. I want to have fun and try things I never got around to trying in TS3.

So anyway, I was inspired to try playing out at least some of the above rolls because it's not something I've done before in the sims. A single parent sim in the film career?! You've got to be kidding! How stereotypical can you get, LOL! As it turns out, I pretty much threw all the rules out the window after a few chapters.

BTW, I put the adult content warning on this blog because my story may get a little too mature for some people. It's not going to be x-rated or anything, but I just wanted people to know that it's not candyland, either. ;)

Anyway, I promise I won't be gone so long this time.

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