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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.12: Something Extraordinary

Several weeks went by; Pat had come to visit on a few occasions and gave us regular support payments to help with Meadow's care, but we'd had very little time to spend alone. I was feeling a bit depressed, and decided to concentrate on Meadow and my career for the time being. Even though it meant leaving Meadow with sitters more often, I took every fame opportunity that came my way.

And then One day, something unexpected and extraordinary happened. I was at the DanceCube, gaining fame and star levels, when I met an incredibly attractive man. We were mutually attracted to each other instantly. We had a lot in common and shared many similar traits; he was a charismatic, hopeless romantic with star power, just like I was. I learned that his name was Jake Russell.

I discovered that he was single and working in the business career. His true love was music, though; he played the bass and used to be in a boy band several years ago, but what he really wanted was to master the guitar. I told him that I would love to hear him play some time. We spent the rest of that evening talking and dancing and getting to know one another.

All the way home, I was feeling more than a little stunned and confused about whether I should go out with him again. I had always been faithful to Pat, but I had no idea if he'd been faithful to me and if I were honest with myself I'd have to admit how unlikely that was. By the time I got home, I finally decided that whatever happened, I knew I was definitely going to see Jake again.

I couldn't wait more than a few days. After I got off work, I invited Jake to join me at the DanceCube again for dinner. We continued to get to know each other.

A few days after that, Jake invited me to his house to play some shuffleboard. I felt his house had a wonderful view of the mountains. Not to mention a wonderful view of a man.

The following week, Jake called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Cobra Room with him so we met each other there.

For the very first time, I was beginning to understand Pat a little better. I was pretty certain he loved me, but it seemed as if he might love Julia too, and I was finding out that it really was possible to be in love with two people at the same time.

I wasn't sure what the future would hold, but right now I knew that I wanted to be with both of them.

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