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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1.15: Love Day

On Love Day, although it hurt, Pat had said nothing about being with me so I knew he must have plans to be with Julia. He hadn't said so, he just said he was going to be busy that day and couldn't spend time with us, but I figured that Julia had to be the reason. So I asked Jake to go with me to the Santa Monica Pier for the Love Festival.
We had such a great time, though, that I honestly didn't think of Pat much at all.
Of course we had to ride on the roller coaster before we left. I thought it was exhilarating! And what a view from the top!
To my amusement, Jake became a little ill but he didn't think it was quite as funny as I did. After I teased him at bit, he said; "Yeah, very funny, Laura". But he was smiling at me the whole time. 

 After exploring the festival some more we went back to the house. Jake was definitely feeling better. He gave me a look that melted my insides.
Then he kissed me passionately. It was definitely a day for love.
The next evening after putting Meadow to bed for the night I went downstairs to straighten up the house, which gave me some time to think. One of the things I realized was that it was becoming more and more difficult to imagine my life without Jake in it. And yet I knew that if I wanted any kind of future with him, I was going to have to confront Pat about our relationship and make some decisions. If he was never going to commit to being with Meadow and I then I needed to think about letting him go. Gosh, it hurt so much to think of that, though! What a mess my life had become!

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