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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Laura's Legacy Chapter 1:18 - Ultimatums Part II

I walked up to Pat and finally blurted out; "Pat.. I want to be married. I want to have another baby!".
"Laura, I'm sorry, you know I can't give that to you." He shook his head vigorously. "I can't leave Julia. We've been through so much together and I just can't do that to her!", Pat replied. "But I love you and Meadow more than I can say".
"Oh God, Pat." She had suspected that they'd decided to make their marriage real for a long time, but hearing him finally say he wouldn't leave her was still a dagger to her heart. "I don't know what hold she has on you, Pat, or how she saved your life, and I won't ask unless you want to talk about it", I said sadly. "And I love you too, desperately, but I think it might be better..."; I paused. This was so difficult! "It might be better for us to just be friends", I said in a small voice.
Pat looked and sounded shocked. "No! Oh my Goth, no! I don't want to lose you and Meadow!"
"I...I had hoped that you would want to continue seeing Meadow at least, and being a part of her life. A little girl needs her Daddy!", I replied.
"Of course I'm not going to abandon Meadow!", Pat said angrily.
I was relieved that he wanted to remain a part of Meadow's life, and thought I might as well tell him about Jake while I was at it. He was going to find out eventually anyway. "I...I've also been seeing someone else", I continued.
Pat explode at this bit of news. "What! Who?! Who is he!"
"His name is Jake...but that's not really important! He's a wonderful man and...and he's not married!", I said loudly. "I am just trying to move on and do what's best for me and Meadow, Pat", I answered in a more subdued voice.
"Oh...Frabit!" Pat said in frustration. "But Laura, I love you so much!"
"I love you too, Pat", I softly replied in a shaky, tear-filled voice. "But I want something more than what you can apparently give me. Meadow and I deserve something more!"; I said a little desperately.
Pat finally sighed deeply. He looked like he was being torn in two, but I felt the same way.
After what seemed like several minutes of silence looking at the floor, he raised his head and looked at me intently. "Yes", he said slowly. "Yes, you do deserve something more. Both of you". He grabbed me and gave me a big, passionate kiss that nearly turned me into a puddle on the floor, then walked quickly out the door, down the stairs, and out of the house.
I heard the front door slam with a bang that shot clear through me and I spent most of the night sobbing in misery.

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