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Saturday, February 16, 2013

NOLA Italianate Victorian Take 2

NOLA Italianate Victorian (Take 2!). You can get it here:

That asymetrical front porch - where the posts weren't evenly spaced out - bothered me on the Italianate Victorian Gem I uploaded, but changing it would have made the house uneven across the back. I had already made the house a little bit wider than the actual picture showed to accommodate the front door I wanted to use, so I ended up letting it go in the first version of this house. But since I'd had enough time away from this build to not be sick and tired of it any more, the other day I finally extended the house by one tile on the left side just to see how it would look. I thought the back of the house still looked fine but I simplified the back porch, and adding one tile changed the look of everything on that side of the house so I also re-did the interior spaces on the left side.

By extending it on the left side, the library became longer so I shortened the width a bit - and since the powder room would have been too long the way it was I shortened that, and ended up creating a two-tile wide niche in the kitchen which I filled with the Teppanyaki (I always have to look up how to spell that - too bad they didn't pick a simpler name!) Grill. I also rearranged some things, added an island, and put shelves over the grill and the stove.

Here is an overview picture of the main floor showing the layout now.

And an overview of the second floor. Mainly all that's different is that the upstairs landing became a little larger as did the guest room, and the guest bathroom got re-arranged. I also added a chess set that wasn't there before.

In the back patio area, I added the Pizza Oven from Monte Vista which was not in the original upload. So my sims are going to eat well while living in this version of the house. :-)

OK, so now I am done with the house. I think. ;-)

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