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Monday, January 28, 2013

Vieux Carre Venues

After my virtual tour of Bourbon Street, I decided to remake the House of Voodoo and Magic along with half the block that is located next to it IRL. Here are the results - it uses quite a bit of EA Store content (the Elixer Store in particular features the Old Town Kit, The Magic Set, and the African Inspirations Collection - with a little Gothique thrown in). It was play-tested and has no CC (checked with Custard).

Download here:

On the left you will find Simfritzel's Jazz Club. This is where all the musicians in town like to come jam and where sims like to hang out listening to R&B.

The upstairs to the Club has some dancing and entertainment of it's own, including access to the balcony for sim watching.


In the center of the block you will find the Bourbon Street Resale Shoppe (consignment store).

And on the right is Cherie Simveaux's House of Voodoo and Magic (also available as a separate download in my studio; the design is similar but slighly different).


So now that the latest lots are uploaded and posted, I guess I will go update to the latest patch. ;)

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